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Owl Cyber Defense discusses data diodes and other strategies…

Cybersecurity devices to combat ongoing threats in the Middle East

Oil & Gas IQ is proud to work with our partners for the upcoming World Digital Refineries Congress in Kuwait, Owl Cyber Defense. The team at Owl have been working with passion, diligence, and experience to develop the best in new data diode cybersecurity products.

With oil and gas production so important to the global economy, the industry often falls victim to cyber attacks — one of the most high-profile examples being the infamous Stuxnet worm discovered ten years ago. Owl Cyber Defense is committed to combating such disruption, and protecting the industry from physical and digital damage.

The Congress will bring together business leaders, consultants, directors, and heads from data management, research and technology, operations, telecommunications, and automation (amongst others) to discuss futuristic strategy in our digitally-shifting marketplace. Through working alongside the team at Oil & Gas IQ, Owl are confident that attendees will understand how committed their organization is to securing upstream assets, defending from external attacker, and enabling safe transfer of data through an understanding of malicious software.

Since 1999, Owl has supported the US intelligence, military, and government communities, critical infrastructure, and commercial enterprises, and has pushed for continual advancement to protect networks around the globe.

Take a listen to a great new podcast on Oil & Gas IQ from Owl Cyber Defense, ‘Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure.’ In the podcast, Owl discusses new technologies, threat levels in the Middle East, Data Diodes and more.

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