An Update from the CEO on Owl’s COVID-19 Response

Owl Cyber Defense understands the potential threat of COVID-19 to the health and safety of our employees, partners, customers, and the public. As such, we are applying the necessary actions and precautions as recommended by the CDC.

Protecting one’s organization from a virus like this parallels the same best practices used for cybersecurity against computer viruses – isolate, segment, and apply defense-in-depth. We have isolated and distributed our workforce to minimize any disruptions, are segmenting teams and are utilizing rigorous PPE and sanitary measures to ensure we can continue to operate and deliver quality service, products, and support to our customers.

In anticipation of possible threats to our supply chain, we have stocked up on critical components and believe we will be able to maintain our supply of products, although that may change depending on the duration of this event.

Our support organization continues to be fully staffed and we don’t anticipate any delays in our ability to remotely service and support customers. However, we are considering each on-site visit on a case-by-case basis in consultation with our customers. Finally, announcements regarding our upcoming training classes will be made to affected customers once we have determined availability for alternative options.

While it won’t be “business as usual” for the next couple of weeks, we don’t foresee customers getting anything less than the highest levels of response and support that you have come to expect from Owl Cyber Defense.


Robert Stalick


Owl Cyber Defense