GITEX Global 2022

Secure Connections Between Networks with Differing Security Levels

Does your organization need to transfer data out of or into a secure network without introducing risk? Software-based solutions have been proven to fail against protecting isolated networks and introduce new threat vectors. However, data diodes and cross domain solutions provide secure, hardware-enforced network separation while enabling one-way and bidirectional data transfers between networks with differing security levels.

Why Owl?

  • 23 years securing government and critical infrastructure networks
  • 3000+ deployments in more than 30 countries
  • Offices in the US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait
  • Elite hardware-enforced solutions and services that protect against the world’s most sophisticated threats and maximize uptime
  • Support for a wide variety of use cases including both one-way and bidirectional data transfers
  • Owl’s solutions have a mean time between failure of 10+ years with little to no maintenance required

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