Webinar: The Critical Value of Hardware-Based Security

Webinar: The Critical Value of Hardware-Based Security

In critical infrastructure, there’s no room for inherently vulnerable cybersecurity solutions. The hacker community has spent decades developing ways to exploit commercial software ecosystems–the same software that’s used in industrial firewalls. Despite ongoing advances in software development, significant vulnerabilities continue to threaten critical infrastructure facilities and equipment. The need for hardware-enforced cybersecurity–designed for industrial systems, and impervious to common attack vectors–is greater than ever.

In Owl’s latest BrightTALK webinar, Brian Romansky (Chief Innovation Officer) and Mike Parry (Product Manager for Embedded Systems) provide insights on the threats facing critical infrastructure operations, the limitations of traditional software-based security solutions, and the reasons why hardware-based security is gaining traction across the industry.

Check out the webinar below (you’ll need to register with BrightTALK if you don’t already have a profile) to get the full story. If you’d like to learn more about Owl’s solutions for critical infrastructure–including our groundbreaking embedded cybersecurity technology–contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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