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Test XDE Radium, Owl's embedded cybersecurity module,
in your network environment with a Development Kit
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Thinking About Built-In Cybersecurity?

Why design, develop, manufacture, and test a network security solution on your own when you can leverage high-assurance, hardware-enforced, low-cost, embedded cybersecurity modules, developed by a pioneer in the data diode and cross domain market for over twenty years? Test Owl’s embedded cybersecurity module, XDE Radium, in your network environment at a low cost with the XDE Radium Development Kit.

What is XDE Radium?

XDE Radium is a single-board, hardware-enforced cybersecurity module that can be embedded directly into industrial devices for device-level and network-level cybersecurity. This hardware module, featuring two FPGAs and either an optical or digital isolator, provides high-assurance, hardware-enforced, one-way flow enforcement and packet filtering for data crossing network or domain boundaries. XDE Radium’s 1 Gbps ethernet connectors, combined with its low size, weight, and power, makes for a simple integration into programmable logic controllers, SCADA devices, safety systems, and network switches. For OEMs who are interested in testing XDE Radium in their network environment, Owl has developed an XDE Radium Development Kit that you can request today.

About the Development Kit

The XDE Radium Development Kit is intended for Engineers and Product Managers who are interested in evaluating an XDE Radium module in their representative network environment as a risk reduction tool. The low-cost development kit provides the product insight required to reduce integration challenges and speed time to market. Owl engineers and sales professionals will work alongside users to ensure development kit testing is a success from the start.

The Development Kit includes:

  • 2 6” RJ-45 PATCH CABLES
  • 1 FIBER OPTIC CABLE (Digital isolator version available)

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