XD Matrix is an industry-first cybersecurity device that aggregates data from multiple sources and delivers the data via hardware-enforced one-way transfer.

XD Matrix enables compliance with current and future logging and reporting requirements for high-assurance computing environments. This includes DCO connections required for CDS systems under Raise the Bar, and the CSfC continuous monitoring annex.

Make the switch from ordinary cybersecurity to hardware-enforced defense.

XD Matrix Launches August 16, 2021

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XD Matrix

XD Matrix is a purpose-built appliance specifically designed to securely ingest and deliver Cross-Domain Solution (CDS) performance and syslog data to Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) centers. XD Matrix’s unique, one-of-a-kind security architecture reliably validates and delivers CDS data one-way to DCOs, while preventing any malicious code from reaching the connected CDS.

XD Matrix is a high density appliance that can be configured with 8, 16, 24 or 32 independent One Way Transfer channels. XD Matrix delivers SysLog messages that show the status of each channel to make it easy to monitor the system.

With XD Matrix, Owl Cyber Defense enables you to design, build, and operate a compliant solution that meets today’s and the anticipated future requirements.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Significantly reduce the cost to acquire, install, operate, and support a large number of OWT connections.

Small Form Factor

Save valuable rack space with a multi-port 1U appliance.

High Bandwidth

Each input channel can handle data rates up to 1Gb and feed into a 10Gb output switch.

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