Solutions for Government Agencies

Proven confidentiality and assurance for Government systems and data.

Governmental Departments and Intelligence Agencies are tasked with protecting the private information of US citizens along with proprietary and classified information related to the performance of their stated mission.

However, they must simultaneously remain transparent in their activities and safely and securely provide information as needed. Owl data diode cybersecurity solutions help Government Agencies prevent intruders from accessing sensitive data while providing it to authorized users.


File & Directory Transfer
Real-Time Data Streaming
Database Replication
SEIM & Remote Monitoring
Software Update & Patching

Complying with the stringent NIST 800-53 guidance and accredited for use by both the U.S. Government and Intelligence Agencies, Owl’s multi-tiered “Defense In Depth” cybersecurity solutions have been meeting the security objectives of government entities for nearly twenty years.

From securely transferring files from one security domain to another to creating a portal interface for information requests and database replication, Owl solutions bring simple elegance to blocking all unauthorized external access while presenting end-users with the critical data they need.

Data Transfer Requirements

There are a variety of data types and transfer requirements among the various segments of the current government agency landscape.

Example Government Use Cases

  • Cross Domain/Inter-Agency Data Transfer
  • Bulk File or Cloud-to-Cloud Data Transfer
  • Data Transfer to 3rd Parties
  • Network/Domain Segmentation
  • Backup/Data Vault or Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Monitoring or Analytics