Solutions for Defense

Hardware-enforced cybersecurity for asymmetric advantage in a contested environment.

Defense networks are continually under attack with increasingly sophisticated cyber-weapons. The patience and sophistication displayed by nation-state attackers, coupled with the fact that the data moving across the networks is becoming more complex and includes full motion video, high speed sensor data and a variety of message and file types, points to solutions that need to be powerful enough to meet the continuously increasing variety and volume of data being processed.

Utilizing the hardware enforced security of Owl’s patented data diode technology, enhanced with embedded filtering capability, a hardened operating system, and rigidly controlled administrative access, Owl’s Cross Domain Solutions have protected defense system networks for over 15 years.

Advanced Data Diode Cross Domain Solutions

With unsurpassed performance and reliability, Owl’s product portfolio includes enterprise transfer capacity of tens of thousands of inspected files per hour, point-to-point solutions transferring command center files and images, and tactical products supporting mobile expeditionary missions with low SWaP requirements.

Example Defense Use Cases

  • Cross Domain Data Transfer
  • Field Data Collection (Low to High)
  • Video/Photo/Sensor Transfer
  • Network/Domain Segmentation
  • Analysis & Data Dissemination (High to Low)