Solutions for Commercial Organizations

Securing the networks and digital assets of businesses and companies around the world.

Cyberattacks continue to exploit vulnerabilities and prove software-based tools (firewalls, RBACs, VPNs, etc.) aren’t able to stop them. Due to their inherent immunity to these vulnerabilities, data diodes have found a place in securing the networks of commercial enterprises and the services industry (universities, national labs, financial services, healthcare, etc.), protecting third-party connections, system backups, intellectual property, crypto databases, IoT devices, and other files, email, and images.

Data diodes provide the strongest network and digital asset protection available, including air-gap level network segmentation. Network segmentation follows best practices in cybersecurity starting with building a defendable perimeter, reducing your attack surface, managing authentication and the general use of a defense-in-depth strategy. Commercial businesses are becoming more data-driven than ever, and the most distinct challenge is typically accomplishing these cybersecurity best practices and securing high value networks while also preserving the availability of data for authorized users and processes.


File & Directory Transfer
Real-Time Data Streaming
Database Replication
SEIM & Remote Monitoring
Software Update & Patching

Commercial Markets Served

While Owl data diodes can be used in any network to protect valuable digital assets, below are a number of example existing markets.

Example Commercial Use Cases

  • Network Segmentation
  • Data Transfers to 3rd Parties or the Cloud
  • Secure Databases & Analytics
  • Protecting Backups/Data Vault or DR
  • DevSecOps/SIEM Monitoring