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Mark Toussaint Product Manager

ReCon: A New Chapter | Embrace the Value of Secure Two-way Communication

I recently attended the DistribuTECH and OSIsoft PI World, as an exhibitor and a speaker, and I had a number of great conversations with attendees about cybersecurity in the industrial, c...
June 8, 2018
Scott Coleman Director of Marketing / Product Mgmt.

Implementing DHS Best Practices to Secure Industrial Control Systems

Modern advancements in industrial control systems (ICS) enable marked improvements in efficiency, production, reliability, and safety, all through increased use of “smart” assets and...
May 25, 2018
Scott Coleman Director of Marketing / Product Mgmt.

One-Way Data Flow, Secured by Design

Let's address the news. We thought long and hard on what to write about for our first blog post. It’s a special milestone! But it was inevitable that we address the current news headli...
March 30, 2018
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