Enterprise Cross Domain Solution - Cloud-to-Cloud

The ECDS-C2C, Owl’s two 2U server’s configuration is the hardware-enforced one-way transfer enterprise solution is for customers requiring high volume (multi-Terabyte) bulk file transfer capabilities.


Physical Security Separation

It also supports customers that need or require physical security separation between the source and destination environments. It includes two separate servers, each with an Owl patented hardware-enforced one-way transfer diode and Owl’s Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) CDS software platform. Owl’s CDS-C2C software is designed to address RTB Composed COTS (CCOTS) CDS design pattern. These two servers are linked through fiber optic cable and Owl’s patented hardware-enforced, one-way transfer diodes, that support dataflow bandwidth up to 20Gbps for Manifest-based file transfers.

Enterprise Cross Domain Solution - Cloud-to-Cloud | Owl Cyber Defense

Key Features

The CDS-C2C software is based on a STIG compliant, CLIP enforced, EAL4+ Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) foundation. It’s capable of validating Manifest and included Files for high volume bulk file transfers. Each COTS 2U server processing environment is separated by one or more Owl patented hardware-enforced, one-way transfer diode(s). These combined technologies provide dataflow protection for the highest threat environment connections.

  • High Volume and Bandwidth Manifest transfers
  • Robust manifest and traffic management for parallel processing.
  • NFS
What's Included

What’s Included


  • Two Server Platform
  • Two Keyboard & Mouse Set
  • Owl Communication Card Pre Installed (Red)
  • Owl Communication Card Pre Installed (Blue)
  • Two High Speed Nic Card Pre Installed (Red & Blue)
  • Two High Speed Ethernet Cable
  • Fiber Cable


  • Documentation Disc
  • Red Side Installation Media
  • Blue Side Installation Media
Owl Performance Management Service Data Diode Software Module Typical Uses
Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

*Dependent on specific project requirements

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