Are you properly securing your pharma operations?

The digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry is driving more efficient production and supply chains, novel research, and better clinical trials. Yet, the business and social value of pharmaceutical data and products mean this industry is a prime target for malicious cyberattacks and industrial espionage. So how do pharmaceutical organizations balance securing validated production systems against unauthorized access, while allowing the flow of critical operational and security data from manufacturing infrastructure to external users and systems?

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How Owl can help you

Owl can help you secure your critical systems in pharma manufacturing environments in use cases like streaming operational data, security, and PI System and historian transfer with our network security solutions. Owl data diodes can be deployed anywhere there is a need to securely send or collect critical operational safety and security information. Our solutions also protect against the disruption of digital assets, promising operational success with no downtime, freeing organizations and ops teams to confidently focus on production goals.

Software and Protocol Compatibility:

OPC Transfer • Modbus • IEC104 • DNP3 • HTTP • UDP • TCP/IP •SMTP • FTP • NTP

Pharma Manufacturing Security Use Cases:

  • Sharing process control data
  • OSIsoft PI System and historian transfer
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Software updates and patching
  • Secure remote monitoring
  • File transfer

Pharma Manufacturing Cybersecurity Resources

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How Owl Data Diodes Work

Owl data diode products are designed using a multi-layered, patented approach. Each data diode solution is a hardware-enforced cybersecurity device designed with two separate circuits – one send-only, and one receive-only. These circuits physically constrain the transfer of data to one direction only, from a source network to a destination network.

Owl data diode cybersecurity products provide hardware-enforced one-way data transfer and assured security against malware, ransomware, control override, and other forms of cyberattack. Owl products are currently in use by hundreds of customers in the U.S. intelligence, military, and government communities; utilities and energy; and commercial enterprises.

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