Owl Announces LBSA Certification for Industry’s only VoIP and Full-Motion Video Cross Domain Solutions

Columbia, MD – October 13, 2021 – Owl Cyber Defense Solutions (“Owl”), the global market leader in cross domain and network security solutions, today announced that its Voice and Video (V2CDS) and Full Motion Video (CDFMV) cross domain solutions have achieved certification through the National Security Agency’s Lab Based Security Assessment (LBSA) process. With this step, V2CDS becomes the industry’s only certified cross domain solution with VoIP capabilities, while CDFMV becomes the only certified solution for full-motion video.

LBSA certification is a rigorous and time-consuming process designed to ensure the security of the cross domain solutions used in U.S. military and intelligence operations. Certification is conducted by the National Cross Domain Strategy and Management Office (NDSMO), a unit of the National Security Agency. Certified solutions are eligible to be deployed in high security operations that require data transfer between classified networks and external networks.

“V2CDS and CDFMV offer secure collaboration capabilities that were previously unavailable to the military and intelligence community, and we expect them to gain broad adoption in joint and coalition operations,” said Robert Stalick, CEO of Owl. “Owl acquired V2CDS and CDFMV as part of our strategy to build the industry’s broadest range of cross domain capabilities, and we are thrilled to see the latest results of that investment.”

Owl’s V2CDS solution enables secure, confidential communications via voice, face phone, and video teleconferencing systems. V2CDS integrates with existing VoIP infrastructures to provide new cross-domain functionality to existing telephony systems and is the only cross domain solution with VoIP capabilities available in the market.

CDFMV securely relays operational video across different security domains in real time. It is the industry’s only solution that meets the NCDSMO’s “Raise the Bar” requirements for full motion video cross domain solutions, including the ability to filter video content and metadata. Both CDFMV and V2CDS have achieved Secret and Below Interoperability (SABI) certification, with Top Secret and Below Interoperability (TSABI) certification expected in October.

“LBSA certification is an order of magnitude more challenging than any other security assessment, and we are proud to have achieved this distinction,” said Dave Britton, Owl’s Vice President for Assured Collaboration Systems. “With these new capabilities including remote monitoring and management with remote console for V2CDS and CDFMV, and support for enterprise dial plans with failover for V2CDS, Owl continues to offer the most advanced voice and video cross domain solutions available.  We will continue to add new capabilities to support our military and intelligence operations in their critical missions.”

About Owl

Owl Cyber Defense cross domain solutions, data diodes, and portable media solutions provide hardened network security checkpoints for advanced threat prevention and secure data availability. Certified by the U.S. government, independent testing authorities, and international standards bodies, Owl technologies and services help to secure the network edge and enable controlled unidirectional and bidirectional data transfers. For over 20 years, clients worldwide in defense, intelligence, and infrastructure have trusted Owl’s unmatched expertise to protect networks, systems, and devices.