Are your medical devices as secure as you think?

Medical devices are increasingly connected to networks, other devices, and the internet. This leads to an increase in the risk of potential cybersecurity threats. These vulnerabilities can potentially impact the safety and effectiveness of the device. With this in mind, medical devices have been listed as one of the top five cybersecurity threats by the HHS. Yet, still, an estimated 70% of medical devices are running outdated Windows operating systems that are no longer supported.

That’s why you need a strong security plan with goals for every medical asset and application in your network. You must understand how well-protected and resilient to attack each medical device you have deployed is, including in relation to the networks the medical devices are on.

To fully understand the risk associated with your medical devices, you’ll need a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment of your medical device network environment and medical devices, in the context of their potential vulnerabilities, as well as your organizational guidelines, compliance needs, and use cases.

How Owl can help you

How Owl can help you

Owl can help you ensure that your medical devices are protected through our Medical Device Cybersecurity Analysis program. Our experienced medical device cybersecurity research team evaluates your medical devices to identify vulnerabilities and then recommends solutions. Let us help you put a plan together to protect your clinical assets, enabling you to deploy and operate with confidence.


Owl’s Engineering Approach to Security:

• Determine security objectives
• Establish a control and baseline
• Define assessment plan
• Apply test criteria to the device
• Utilize reverse engineering and forensic techniques
• Report and rank vulnerabilities and risks
• Make recommendations to improve security posture

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Why Owl?

Why Owl?

Owl Medical Device Cybersecurity Analysis helps you confidently design, build, and implement a secure network of medical devices, ensuring the security architecture is appropriate for the intended use of the medical devices and medical device network. Our services include white box, gray box, and black box testing. Using proven methodologies, our experienced cybersecurity professionals find what you don’t know. By dissecting your product and analyzing it for vulnerabilities against agreed upon security objectives, we uncover the unknowns related to security posture, risk, liability, and regulatory compliance.

Are you ready to secure your medical devices? Let’s get analyzing.