The Cyber Domain in the Middle East: Implications for Business, Security, and Society – Virtual

MEI is pleased to announce the cyber program’s first half-day conference.The cultures, politics, economies, and security concerns of the Middle East are sui generis on the world stage. And the digital revolution, like every industrial revolution before it, is having unique implications for each of these facets of society. This conference will investigate the intersections of these trends and issues, and paint a clearer picture of the Middle East today and into the future.

Speaking Session:  9:30-10:00am

John Fleming
Senior Director for Strategic Projects, Owl Cyber Defense; Former assistant director, CIA

Mr. Fleming will set the stage for the day’s presentation with a strategic overview of the region, focusing on the Pandemic’s effects and the likely re-emergence of long-standing points of friction among Middle Eastern states when the Pandemic abates.  Mr. Fleming will also examine some less-explored, but still important, factors on the Middle East’s political stage that may escalate and drive on-going and future regional cyber threats.  Mr. Fleming will also speak about what Owl customers on the ground are saying about their concerns for the Cyber Realm going forward.



Tuesday, June 9, 2020