NCIS Tech Expos

NCSI is excited to welcome back the summer Tech Expo, in conjunction with a week-long of AFCEA events. Owl will be exhibiting at 4 of the Summer Expos!

Each event aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and education by bringing together government and industry to address mission requirements and technology solutions. The events offer. a platform to explore cutting-edge technologies and engage with industry professionals.


Ramstein AB Tech Expo (Booth 29) 7/15-7/16 Ramstein-Miesenbach
USAG Wiesbaden/Clay Kaserne Tech Industry Day 7/18-7/19 Wiesbaden
Patch Barracks Tech Expo 7/25/2024 Stuttgart
Kelley Barracks Tech Expo 7/26/2024 Stuttgart
Monday, July 15, 2024 through Friday, July 26, 2024