TCP Packet Transfer System

TPTS is a single protocol application supporting the transfer of TCP/IP data streams across the one-way data diode. TPTS allows data to come into the data diode as a TCP data stream and terminate at the TCP/IP socket-based proxy on the source side of the data diode. The payloads from the TCP/IP packets cross the one-way data diode and are re-established as a new TCP/IP data stream by the proxy on the destination side of the data diode and sent on to the final destination.

All of the Owl Data Transfer Applications leverage our exclusive, Common Criteria EAL certified technology to support reliable, high speed one-way transmissions. Consisting of a pair of send-only and receive-only communication cards, our patented data diode technology operates at the transport protocol layer assuring data integrity and availability at speeds ranging from 26 Mbps to 10 Gbps.