Owl Scanfile Management System

OSMS supports secure and reliable one-way file-based transfer of data with the added benefit of scanning the file before it is transferred. Authorized users initiate file transfers from low security networks to higher security networks. OSMS performs a malware scan on the files submitted by the users and reports the results prior to the actual transfer of the file across the data diode. Owl ScanFile Management System is inter-operable with all major malware scanning software products, and allows the user defined addition of other software scanning routines.

All of the Owl Data Transfer Applications leverage our exclusive, Common Criteria EAL certified technology to support reliable, high speed one-way transmissions. Consisting of a pair of send-only and receive-only communication cards, our patented data diode technology operates at the transport protocol layer assuring data integrity and availability at speeds ranging from 26 Mbps to 10 Gbps.