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Owl Cyber Defense provides hardware-enforced data diode cybersecurity products for reliable one-way data transfer and assured network security against malware, ransomware, control override, and other forms of cyberattack.

Let’s look at the numbers…

Financial services firms are targeted by cyber threats three times more frequently than other industries. Despite outspending all other industries on IT security, the financial industry is still struggling against the tide of increasingly successful cyberattacks. No firm is immune; even regulators and exchanges have been hacked.

Attacks cost financial services firms $18 million

Financial firms are targeted three times more frequently

42% of breach attempts go undetected for at least one week

Only 38% of firms hold partners to higher cybersecurity standards

What is a Data Diode?

Owl uses a multi-layered, patented approach to the design of our data diodes. Owl data diodes are hardware-enforced, electronic cybersecurity devices designed with two separate circuits – one send-only, and one receive-only – which physically constrain the transfer of data to one direction only, forming an “air-gap” between the source and the destination networks.

Data Vault Visibility

Ensure the integrity of your data storage, safely monitor security and system health, and maintain a secure and segmented one-way flow from the air-gapped data vault.

Securing SIEM Servers

A secure network segment is often not visible to the central SIEM server. This allows system logs and reports to flow out of the secure subnet. Multiple independent subnets can be protected by independent data diodes. Data diode can filter data to ensure that only valid SIEM data is being moved out of the secure subnet.

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