Meet DiOTa | The Data Diode, Reimagined

Meet DiOTa | The Data Diode, Reimagined

Owl Cyber Defense specializes in providing data diode solutions for Critical Infrastructure customers as well as cross domain solutions for the government and armed forces. Our customers come to us because we provide cost effective data diodes that do not need multiple flanking servers to protect one-way data flow, whether it is from high (trusted/classified) to low (untrusted/unclassified) or from low to high.

Typically, our data diodes have been placed at the boundary between networks (for segmentation) or on the perimeter of OT environments. Historically, enterprise-wide deployment of data diodes has been challenging due to budgeting and IT/security skillset concerns. However, as the number of connected IoT and IIoT devices on OT networks is seeing exponential growth, the need for a low-cost cybersecurity solution that could protect these edge devices has only grown. Compounding this need is the fact that many of these edge devices are either poorly secured or have minimal built-in protection against malware and other cyber threats.

With these market needs and functional requirements in mind, Owl DiOTa was developed to provide an competitively priced, easy-to-configure, and fast deployment data diode that could be readily rolled out at enterprise scale. Its low cost now makes individual end point protection of both physical assets and data sources economically viable at a scale that was not feasible in the past.

Our clients have also been frustrated by the indirect cost and maintenance complexity of industrial firewall solutions and have been looking for options that better served their needs. Unlike the firewalls that have been deployed en masse in basic, “good enough” IIoT protection roles, DiOTa continuously provides a significantly higher-level security that does not require significant upkeep, including frequent rule updates and software patches. The simplicity and the single-purpose focus of this solution is also tailor-made for the current movement to cloud-connected edge devices.

With an intuitive user interface that quickly steps the user through the configuration process, a hardware-based security can be put in place, literally in minutes.

Owl will be onsite at the SANSFire event in Washington DC (June 15-22) providing any interested attendees with the opportunity to test drive the DiOTa and get hands-on experience with this game-changing approach to OT and IIoT cybersecurity. Sign up for the DiOTa Lunch and Learn and Product Test Drive sessions at SANSFire today. 

Sign up for our upcoming DiOTa Product Webinar on June 26th at 2:00 pm est.

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