Sudhir Nelvagal

Sudhir Nelvagal

Sudhir was hired as a highly accomplished engineer with over 20 years of experience leading high performing, globally distributed development organizations.  After beginning his career at CINCOM, where he was a senior technical contributor on the Advanced Technology Database team, Sudhir joined General Electric as the Director of Software Engineering for GE Healthcare. During his time with GE Healthcare, he successfully introduced Agile development methodologies to the medical imaging product lines.  This was accomplished while navigating complex FDA regulatory requirements. Sudhir next joined GE Oil and Gas Subsea Controls systems division in the U.K. as global head of Software Engineering where he oversaw all software engineers for this $1+ billion/year division.  Most recently, Sudhir served as Sr. Director of Software for GE Research in Albany, NY where he pioneered the development of GE’s Analytic Workbench IIOT platform.

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