Sudhir Nelvagal

Sudhir Nelvagal

Cross Domain Solutions vs Firewalls

Transferring data securely between networks or systems with different security requirements is one of the fundamental challenges of cybersecurity. For a typical organization, the solution...
November 10, 2020

Solving the Data Format Problem with Daffodil

It goes without saying that to be useful anywhere, data has to be in some sort of format. But every time you start using a new data format, you have to tell your software how to use it, a...
November 5, 2020
Device Assessment
Charlie Schick Business Development Manager - Healthcare

Why Do A Medical Device Assessment, Part 5: Cracked Wide Open

This is final post of a five-part series on the what, why, and how we inspect medical devices. In the previous installments, I talked about why we inspect devices, the mindset that gui...
November 3, 2020