Tom Goodman

Tom Goodman

Mr. Tom Goodman is the Vice President of Global Business Development and Strategy for Owl Cyber Defense.  In this role, he is responsible for driving Owl’s strategy for global growth in all market verticals, including partnerships, key customer engagements, and technical leadership.  Prior to joining Owl, Mr. Goodman held senior positions in business development, program management, and operations for several aerospace and defense organizations supporting the US intelligence community, defense sectors, telecommunications, and international markets.  Mr. Goodman has also worked for the US Government as a civilian employee as well as serving in the US Air Force.  He is an accomplished public speaker and has published numerous articles on cyber security and risk management in support of business operations and mission effectiveness.  Mr. Goodman is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional with a concentration as an Information Systems Security Management Professional.  Mr. Goodman is also a veteran of Operation DESERT STORM.

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