Glenn Braverman

Glenn Braverman

Glenn was brought on to expand Owl’s International and Foreign Military Sales.  Glenn began his 30 year Sales & Marketing career with MCI in 1990 as Director of International Marketing working the majority of time at their Pentagon City HQ in Arlington, VA. He then moved to Tokyo, Japan for 5 years where he was COO of a JV between KDDI and Winstar, which provided last-mile broadband solutions to enterprises throughout Japan. Glenn returned to the US in 2002 where he developed the global footprint for Brazilian based telco operator Embratel. Glenn entered the cybersecurity space when he joined Raytheon Cyber Products in 2013 after his company Visual Analytics was acquired. There he was responsible for Global Sales primarily to governments in the Five Eyes and NATO- where he built local enterprise sales teams in those markets. 

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